Most of you are aware about Sagrada Familia, which is an important landmark and also the most visited place in Europe. However, many tourists often end up doing following mistakes, that can really spoil all the fun of visiting this place. In this article, therefore we have tried to highlight those mistakes for the benefit of people who are planning to visit this place.

  1. Advance ticket booking

You have to understand that Sagrada Familia is most visited place in Barcelona and therefore you are more likely to find large number of people standing in the queue to enter into Sagrada Familia. You can always buy the ticket in advance from online. You can buy tickets 2-months in advance so that you can plan your trip properly. Please don’t remain under the misconception that with Barcelona pass, you can skip standing in the queue.

  1. Not taking any guided tour

There are plenty of secret meanings, various details and architecture, which needs proper explanation. Therefore, it is always essential to take guided tour. In case your budget is not sufficient to allow guided tour then you must get an audio guide along with the ticket and it will be very helpful to you.

  1. Not visiting here during the sunset

The interior portion of this cathedral is no doubt very mesmerizing, whether you visit anytime of the day, however the best time that you must choose to visit is during sunset time, and you will really regret afterwards if you miss seeing the beautiful golden-light that reflects from the stained-glass windows all around.

Antoni Gaudi has actually created this feature with lots of care by doing various complex mathematical calculation. Your whole purpose of visiting will get defeated if you fail to see his contribution to make this wonderful creation.

  1. Not keeping sufficient amount of time for your visit

Many travellers often make this mistake and they are always in great rush while visiting the Sagrada Familia. To be fair with your visit, you must devote at least an hour and half inside the cathedral and try to discover many interesting things. If you wish to see Gaudi tower then you must keep an additional 30 minutes with you, to enable you to see the total view. Your standard ticket does not permit you to visit the tower and hence you must book the ticket in advance.

  1. Must know the difference between nativity tower and passion tower?

In the Sagrada Familia, there are two ways to go up which is either the Nativity towers or the Passion towers. Nativity Tower is the oldest one where Gaudi himself had worked and the Passion Towers has been newly built after Gaudi, based on his drawings. These 2 facades are not the same as each other, however the top view of Sagrada Familia is mesmerizing from any of the tower. In case you go up through Nativity Towers, then you will get the view of mountains of Barcelona, while if you prefer Passion Towers then you will view the ocean.

  1. Not carrying your camera

You must ensure before going to Sagrada Familia that you have packed your camera and the batteries are fully charged. You will really regret if you fail to take photographs and selfies within the cathedral.

  1. Not wearing right clothes

Finally, you must remember that you are visiting a church. Though there is no strict dress code imposed but yet you must make sure that you are wearing modest dress. Women should avoid wearing shorts or mini-skirts and deep-neck tops.

Also visit to see any further details about this place.

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