For many mid-career professionals in the education sector, career advancement can be dependent on bolstering credentials to supplement years of experience. For full-time educators, an online Doctor of Education (EDD) degree is a perfect way to gain the knowledge and credentials to advance from a frontline educator to an educational leader.
What is an EDD?
Unlike a Ph.D. in education, which qualifies recipients to conduct research or teach at the university level, a doctorate in education is designed for experienced educators looking to take on administrative and leadership roles in school districts, educational nonprofits, or other related organizations.
An EDD is practice-based and designed to equip teachers and administrators with the tools to take on complex problems that occur in real-world school settings. Rather than generating new research, educators with EDD degrees leverage existing research to make a positive impact on their community or the organization in which they already serve.
What is the Value of an EDD?
Understanding the value of EDD to the educator and the organization is one thing, but full-time educators have busy schedules and need flexible enrichment opportunities. That is why an online EDD degree is the perfect solution for busy teachers. Online programs allow students to access educational resources from anywhere they have an internet connection. While online programs can differ widely, nearly all include an online learning management system that serves as a virtual hub for course content, class discussion, assignments, and exams.
Why Get an Online Degree in EDD?
Many online degree programs offer a classroom experience that closely resembles more traditional settings. With the use of cameras and microphones, some programs include virtual classes that allow for real-time discussion amongst peers and with professors. Even programs without a live component might utilize other interactive and multimedia elements like recorded lectures, conference calls, and chatrooms.
What Can You do with Your EDD?
Online EDD programs provide the same kind of specialization as traditional EDD programs. Those specializations could include administration, instructional technology and methodology, educational policy-making, organizational change management, and organizational leadership, to name a few.
While every program is different, most programs will help educators learn empathy and gain the ability to see classroom situations from multiple perspectives. Those who go through the program will also learn to apply established theory to real-world situations.
What are the Benefits of an EDD?
Regardless of the chosen concentration, any online EDD recipient is likely to advance from teacher to leader. For example, many individuals with EDD degrees go one to become principals, assistant principals, and even superintendents of schools and school districts.
Graduates could also find themselves in executive positions at private and charter schools or even education-related nonprofits. Even private companies that develop curriculum, publish textbooks, or create educational software need highly credentialed educators to apply theory and research to their products.
Final Thoughts
While classroom teaching is undoubtedly rewarding, some educators see themselves as leaders, not just in the classroom, but in a broader context as well. For those educators, and EDD degree is an excellent way to earn the credentials necessary to advance to administrative or executive leadership positions. And as busy as full-time educators are, online EDD programs provide unique flexibility to achieve those career goals.

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