Learning a new language is always a challenge as well as a reward for the learners who are indulging in it. However, it is not always easy for every participant to find a conducive environment to practice and have mastery on the language skills and this is where the idea of conversation comes into the fray. There are a number of ways to have a proper and uninterrupted conversation, which not only helps the participants to get an overview about the others present in the same classroom but also for those who are having one on one lessons via an online medium.
There are a number of ways involved in a full-fledged communication process. One can pick a way according to his/her preference and indulge in that particular itinerary to get a better acquaintance about the course curriculum he/she is indulging in, whether it is online or offline.
Following are the various ways by means of which a learner can attain proper communication skills.

  1. Conversation Starters

In case of an online class, the student tends to get in a conversation with the teacher, which is more of a one-on-one session for both the participants. So it is important for them to have the same line of interest to start a conversation. The conversation can be about any particular topic but as it is an online course, it is preferably meant to be about the subject matter. This not only helps to break the barriers between the teacher and the student but also paves the way for the student to get a better knowledge about the language and its nuances.

  1. Non-Verbal Signals

The non-verbal signals help in communicating between two persons and is considered a very effective mean when there is shortage or no way of having a vocal conversation. However, the viability of such a conversation is quite less in case of an online course but it can still be applied in certain cases along the way.

  1. Choice of Topics

In case of an online course, the choice of topics plays a very important role in making it a full-bodied conversation. During the course of study, things tend to get a little monotonous for both the parties, which deter the learning process to some extent. The choice of the right topic to delve in a conversation is a good option to exercise for the participants before they start to indulge in a course curriculum.

  1. Role Playing

At times, role playing could help the participants understand certain situations that might arise in a class during a particular session. It happens to help the learner in understanding how to assess certain situations and react to them as the situation demands. This prepares the aspiring teacher for the challenges that he/she might have to face in a class as a part of the course curriculum.

  1. Open Ended Questions

It is essential for both the parties present in a conversation to ask open ended questions to each other so as to understand themselves in a better way. The questions asked in a conversation should be directed towards the learner or engaging enough to involve him/her in a conversation. However, this is evidently a two way process and tends to create an atmosphere which engages both the parties present on either side of the communication channel.
The aforementioned modes of conversation have been proved to be effective and can be used to good effect to engage in a conversation over time, especially if it is related to the increasing of the viability of a learner towards a particular course curriculum. Whether it is an online course, such as the advanced spoken English courses online or an offline one, the aforementioned ways of indulging in a conversation can come handy for both the parties involved and take it towards a successful completion as far as the learning of a new language is concerned.

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