The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the central agency in India that conducts various exams such as the Civil Service exams. There are usually 3 stages in order to crack this exam mainly the Prelims stage, Mains stage and the Interview stage. The syllabus of the exam ranges from General studies to English reading and understanding and also analytical questions. With such a wide variety of subjects to be studied, the question that usually arises is how one can efficiently prepare for the exams. One of the most important tools to be used can be the UPSC answer key. It has been noticed that the toppers of this competitive and difficult to crack exams are usually those who have efficiently studied or referred to the UPSC answer key. The answer keys are important for a variety of reasons-

  • Answer Keys Serve As A Model To What An Ideal Answer Should Be Like

With such a huge variety of subjects ranging from General studies to language to maths, it is obvious that the framing of answers would need to be different and by looking at the answer key one can have a rough idea as to how is he or she supposed to answer a particular question. Also the UPSC answer key also helps to indicate how to not write an answer that could be rejected. So rather than focusing on how to write an answer it is also important to comprehend what cannot be written in an answer

  • Paper Pattern and The Type Of Questions Asked Can Be Analysed

It is only when you understand the paper pattern and the type of questions that you can be subjected to that you can efficiently study for the exams. Unlike other exams it is not possible to leave anything while studying so it becomes more of a point to understand the pattern and questions which can be done by referring to the UPSC answer key.If a candidate is unsure about the paper pattern in the first very place then it would practically be impossible for him or her to study for the exam. Understanding the paper pattern is the first step to start preparing for this exam. A candidate might end up paying less attention to crucial matter if he or she underestimates the importance of that matter because he or she has not paid much attention to the paper pattern.

  • Helps Candidates to Know How To Frame An Answer

With candidates appearing from all strata of society it is evident that not everyone is exposed to the same amount of resources which goes ahead to prove that not everyone would be comfortable with framing answers or not every candidate would know how to frame a particular kind or type of question. By referring to the UPSC answer key candidates can comprehend how to frame answers. There are many occasions where one might know the answer to a question but not know how to frame them. Framing of answers plays an important role in such competitive exams that are anyway difficult to crack. It is also possible that when a candidate refers to the answer key or the UPSC answer key in this case, he might come across similar questions to what was given in the answer key and instantly know how he or she is supposed to frame it.

  • Lack of Answer Keys Makes It Difficult To Spot Mistakes

It is important to know what you are writing as content in your answer is correct or no but it is even more important to know what is wrong so as to prevent those mistakes while writing the actual exam. It is only when you see the correct answer that you realize what a wrong answer would be and you would thus prohibit yourself from making errors. Before preventing errors you need to spot them and you can only spot them when you are exposed to the correct matter. Hence, the UPSC answer keys play a very crucial role in this aspect
Hence, as far as the exam preparation is concerned, it is highly recommended by previous candidates to refer to the UPSC answer key so as to make sure that the paper pattern, the expected answer for varied subjects, etc are clear in the candidate’s mind. It also helps the candidates to understand framing of questions during the preparation period itself so as to prevent him from getting hassled or confused when he or she is giving the actual exam. These answers also enable the candidates to potentially improve learning as if you know how an answer needs to be framed or written and you are clear about how questions are asked since you referred to the answer key, it becomes easier for you to learn and study since you do not miss out the crucial points which a candidate might if he or she is unsure about what is important and what is essays online on from a confidential essay writing service buy essays online on from a confidential essay writing service

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